Hacker installs Windows 95 and Doom on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch

hacker installs windows 95 and doom on a samsung gear live smartwatch win

Corbin Davenport, a 16 year old Web developer based out of Georgia, somehow managed to install and run both Windows 95 and Doom on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. He also posted clips on YouTube to show off both achievements.

In the Windows 95 video, the OS takes a while to boot (understandably, of course). Once in the desktop, the user is seen mousing around the Win 95 desktop using his finger. Of course, the touch experience is woefully inaccurate, with the Win 95 mouse pointer located on the opposite side of where Davenport’s finger is throughout the demo. Davenport used “aDosBox,” a DOS emulator which you can download from the Google Play store, to help him get the job done.

Don’t believe us? Check out the YouTube video below to see for yourself.

That’s not all though. Just a few days before posting the video of Windows 95 running on a smartwatch, Davenport published a clip of Doom, the legendary shooter that was first released back in 1993, also running on an Android wearable.

At first, Davenport lets the Doom demo run, but then gives the game a whirl. It’s not long before the clip cuts to him with two percent health, but to be fair, he probably got a lot deeper into that level than we would have.

You can check that clip out as well, which we posted below.

We reached out Davenport, who told Digital Trends that he may try putting Windows XP, Mac OS 7, Duke Nukem, and Quake on an Android smartwatch in the near future. We can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next.