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This gorgeous, all-wood keyboard must be seen to be believed

The feeling of wood under your fingers is more comforting than plastic or metal, and there’s no reason technology can’t use this renewable resource. Hacoa has done just that with its new keyboard, the Full Ki-Board Wireless. It features wooden trim and keycaps made of solid wood with natural grain.

Ki is the Japanese word for spirit or energy, and Hacoa notes that the Ki-Board “adds warmth to inorganic personal computers.” Underneath, the keyboard houses a 1,000mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.0, and a 2.4GHz transmitter (a matching USB receiver is included), so you can connect it to your computer, tablet, or phone without disturbing the lovely appearance with wires.

Hacoa Ki-Board is a wireless keyboard made of wood.

This keyboard looks great and should have a satisfying click since it uses a mechanical design with blue switches. Each of its 102 keys is laser-engraved. The 5 on the numeric keypad, as well as the F and J keys, have holes to provide tactile feedback to orient your fingers for touch typing.

Both PC and Mac keyboard layouts are supported. The Windows key is also marked with Apple’s Option symbol, and the Alt key has the Command symbol. Three color LEDs are inset at the top-right corner to show battery, Bluetooth, and PC or Mac mode.

On a cold morning, a wooden keyboard would be a welcome addition to your technology, and perhaps a more inviting way to start your day. Unfortunately, this sort of beauty and craftsmanship comes at a high price.

A wooden keyboard on a granite countertop.

The Full Ki-Board will be available in walnut or cherry wood, and Hacoa notes that it uses solid wood with no joints. The wireless mechanical keyboard sells for 99,000 yen, roughly $751. A matching palm rest adds about $83 to your total. If you are interested in ordering, this unique wooden keyboard will be available to purchase on March 20, 2023.

Hot Hardware was the first to spot this unique keyboard and noted that it’s unknown if the keyboard will be sold by U.S. retailers.

The indicator lights on a wooden keyboard.

If you are just looking for a retro keyboard with unique styling, you can save a few hundred dollars with a typewriter-themed keyboard from Rocksete. And for a futuristic look, it’s hard to beat the dazzling Cyberboard.

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