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Here’s what’s coming in Windows 10 build 11099

heres whats coming in windows 10 build 11099 hello
Microsoft has launched the new Insider Preview for the upcoming 11099 build for Windows 10, giving us our first real look at what we can expect in future operating system updates. This is the first build of 2016, but don’t go expecting big feature additions, as 11099’s main focus is on system stability.

However this doesn’t mean it’s a dull update. Described by Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s vice president of engineering for the Windows and Devices group, as focusing on structural improvements, we’re told that this update will lay the groundwork for further updates in the future. It updates the Windows OneCore; the core of the OS used by all of the new-gen Windows devices.

This is the first build to fall under Microsoft’s new Fast Ring release system too, which makes it so that the insiders taking a look at the new build are much closer to the internal testing team at Microsoft than ever before (as per TechSpot). That does of course mean more bugs are likely to be present, but for those who like getting their hands on an update before anyone else, this will be an exciting proposition for them.

In fact, there are several known problems with this build already, including a login issue that crops up for those using the Citrix XenDesktop, as well as a bug that runs into problems with Adobe’s Flash.

To have a go with this new build yourself, you’ll need to be part of Microsoft’s Fast Ring Insider system, and you should be aware that this is not a stable build by any means. Once you’ve taken that leap of faith though, you’re just one update away from being on the cutting edge of Windows developments.

Are any of you guys part of the Insider team? If so, do you have the stones (or, for female Insiders, let’s say the gumption) to hang out on the Fast Track?

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