HGST announces Touro S line of external USB 3.0 hard drives

hgst announces touro s line external usb 3 0 hard drives

HGST, a firm that operates under the Western Digital umbrella, announced a new line of external hard drives dubbed Touro S today. 

HGST’s Touro S drives come in one of four colors: gold, silver, platinum and ruby (pictured above), and are encased in protective shells made of aluminum. Though HGST’s Touro S family of USB 3.0 external hard drives only ship in capacities of either 500GB or 1TB, anyone who buys a Touro S drive will also get 3GB of HGST’s Touro Cloud Backup storage service for free. If 3GB of cloud storage doesn’t cut it, you can also opt to get 250GB of Touro Cloud Backup storage for $59 per year. Touro Cloud Backup stores up to 10 versions of your files as well.

Though you can also interact with your Touro Cloud Backup account via a free iOS app on top of the traditional desktop method, there doesn’t seem to be an Android version available at this time. 

HGST’s Touro S drives feature spin rates of 7,200 rpm, which the company claims is up to 23 percent faster than the 5,400 rpm disks found in many external and notebook hard drives. Though we’re not sure about that exact percentage, 7,200 rpm hard drives are noticeably faster than their 5,400 rpm counterparts, generally speaking.

You can grab the 500GB model for $79.95, but doubling that to 1TB will only cost you an extra $20 ($99.95).

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