How to add a 120V outlet to your PSU

Quote from the article:

“For our water cooling case mod (coming soon), we wanted to put all our water components in the case. That created a need to hide the water pump power cord for a cleaner install. This can be accommodated by using commercially available niche products, by routing the pump power cable outside the case and plugging it into an extension cord, or coming up with a compact solution using common household items. We also wanted the I/O switch on the back of the PSU to control the power to the pump. Since our power supply was already taken apart for the PSU fan mod (coming soon), we heated up the trusty soldering iron after we returned from a trip to Wal-Mart.”

Our take: This is an extremely cool idea for your computer, I just wonder why this has not been done yet? A lot of the computer mods available like lighting require a seperate power source, now you can plug it into your power supply internally to hide all the extra wiring. I wonder what the limit is though? Can you plug your monitor etc into it?

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