How to make an Administrator user account in Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Not having Administrator access in Windows 8 can be extremely frustrating. Without admin access, performing many tasks in Windows 8 can be a pain, and unless you have the password written down somewhere, you’ll end up calling the initial account administrator to type it in for you every time you need to do something that requires you to have it. The key to total PC user freedom is having an account with administrative rights.

Here’s our three-step guide on how to give administrator rights to a user account in Windows 8. Additionally, check out our guide on how to upgrade to Windows 8.1 if you have yet to install the newest refresh of Microsoft’s latest OS.

Windows 8 Settings

Step 1: Log on to your computer with an administrator account. Enter the Metro/Moudern UI and type “user”. Then, click Settings from the list on the right hand side of the screens.

User Accounts

Step 2: Click User Accounts located at the very top of the second column.


Step 3: Click Change your account type in the User Accounts menu, select the account you wish to change, and click the bubble directly right of the administrator option below the account type. Afterward, click the gray Change Account Type button at the bottom of the window, and once done, feel free to install any software or make any changes you deem appropriate with your new account privileges.

Admin rights

What do you think of our quick-hit guide on how to make a user account an administrator in Windows 8? Still having trouble? Let us know in the comments below.