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How to Convert Google Slides to PDF

When you create a presentation in Google Slides, you may want to save a copy of it as a document such as a PDF. This is handy for reviewing the points in your slideshow, gathering notes for edits, or sharing the content with others.

Here’s how to save Google Slides as a PDF from the website and the mobile app on Android and iPhone.

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5 minutes

What You Need

  • Google account

  • Web browser

  • Google Slides mobile app (optional)

Save Google Slides as a PDF on the web

You can save a Google Slides presentation as a PDF document on the website in just a few steps. Visit Google Slides, sign in, and open your presentation.

Step 1: With your presentation in view, select File from the menu.

Step 2: Move your cursor to Download and pick PDF Document (.pdf) in the pop-out menu.

PDF Document in the File, Download menu.

Step 3: The file will download immediately. Open your browser’s download tool or the default Downloads folder on your computer to obtain the file.

PDF from Google Slides in the Downloads folder.

Save Google Slides as a PDF in the mobile app

The process for saving your Google Slides presentation as a PDF is the same on Android and iPhone. The only differences are your choices for where to save or send the file. Open the Google Slides app and select your presentation.

Step 1: With your presentation open in the mobile app, tap the Three dots on the top right.

Step 2: Select Share and export.

Step 3: Choose Send a copy.

Step 4: Mark the option for PDF in the subsequent pop-up window and tap OK.

Step 5: As the presentation is converting to a PDF format, you’ll see a progress indicator. When it finishes, you’ll see your default saving or sharing options.

On Android, you can do things like save the file to Google Drive or send it via Gmail. On an iPhone, you can pick from options like Save to files or Send via Mail. Follow the subsequent prompts per the saving or sharing option you select.

Step 6: Alternatively, you can save the presentation as a PDF from the main Google Slides screen.

Tap the Three dots below the presentation, expand the bottom window, and choose Send a copy. Pick PDF and select the location to save or send the file.

Saving a copy of your Google Slides presentation as a PDF is a good way to share the slideshow as a single document or save it to review later.

For more, check out how to show and hide slides or how to add fonts to Google Slides.

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