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We don’t hear much about fax machines these days, and unless they’re secretly behind Skrillex, we don’t hear much from them either. Sometimes, though, you still need to send a fax, even in this day and age, like if you’re working with a real estate office, insurance agent, law firm or government agency. When that sort of situation arises, don’t sweat it. It’s 2014, we can send documents to fax machines using our computers, and it’s super, super easy. Here’s how.

All you have to do is sign up for an online service, free or paid, that takes care of the job for you. Let’s start with the free faxing services.




GotFreeFax is probably the king of free faxing services. This magnanimous monarch lets you send up to two faxes a day, three pages each. Unlike some other services, GotFreeFax doesn’t plaster your cover page with advertisements. All you have to do is go to the homepage, plug in the necessary sending and receiving info, and what you want to fax of course, either by copying and pasting it into the provided text box or attaching it.



The downside of this service first: they put an ad on the fax cover page! I guess the person receiving said fax probably won’t care, but still. That’s like those 15-second ads in front of YouTube videos. Anyway, the upside: you can send a maximum of five faxes, up to three pages (not including the cover) each, per day. As with GotFreeFax, just plug in the required details and copy-and-paste or attach your document, and you’re golden.



You know the drill: plug in the info and attach the document you want faxed. You can send two faxes a day, at a maximum of five pages each. These folks don’t put an ad on your cover page.

Paid (with limited free options)



If you sign up for this service, you’ll be able to send five pages on the house. Considering the lack of fax in our everyday lives, those five free pages would probably satisfy a lifetime of faxing needs. However, if you have a big need to fax, HelloFax offers three packages: the Home Office package, 300 pages for $9.99 a month; the 5oo-for-$19.99 a month Professional package; and for you small-business owners out there, $39.99 gets you a whopping 1000 pages a month. These packages also let you receive faxes, in PDF form. There are no setup fees.

Because it’s the most user-friendly and sensible of the three paid versions included here–and that five free pages deal too sweet an offer to pass up–HelloFax seems like the best bet. So, what are you waiting for? Fax on, bro.



MyFax offers three packages to meet your email-to-fax needs: send 100 and receive 200 pages for $10 a month (this package starts you out with a 30-day free trial); send and receive 200 pages for $20 a month; or send and receive 400 pages a month for $40, if you’ve got some heavy-duty faxin’ to do. MyFax also lets you send two free faxes a day, but they don’t say anything about a page limit or if they put advertising on the cover page. If those unknown details entice you and you want to fax dangerously, give their free mini-service a try.



These guys offer two packages, a Plus membership and a Pro one. If you sign up for a year, the Plus membership will be $14.13 a month, or you can go month-by-month for $16.95 per month. There is also a $10 setup fee. With the Plus membership you get and receive 150 free pages a month; after that, it’s a dime a page  The Pro annual membership is $16.63 a month; if you go monthly, it’s $19.95. The setup fee is also $19.95, and you can send and receive 200 free pages a month.

What do you think of our guide to the best services for sending emails and documents to a fax machine? Did we miss any services? Tell us in the comments.

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