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How to screen share on Discord

Discord is a great platform for community building and has been a popular tool for gamers for years. One of the most useful features for those looking to share their gameplay, or watch a TV show with friends, is screen sharing. You can share your screen privately with other members on a voice channel or even the entire server.

Here are some quick steps that can help you share your screen using Discord.

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How to screen share on Discord on Windows and MacOS

Step 1: Launch Discord on your Windows PC or Mac and log in to your account.

Step 2: Enter a voice channel on the server that you want to share your screen with. Once you have entered the channel, look for the Screen button on the bottom left corner of Discord’s window. It should be right above the options to mute your microphone and headset.

Screenshot of Discord highlighting the screen share button.

Step 3: Once you select the Screen option, a new pop-up window should appear with tabs for Applications and Screens. The former will include all the apps that are running on your PC. By selecting one, say a game that you are playing, you can share the entire window with your viewers. The screen sharing feature will continue to work even if you minimize the application. You can also share your entire screen by selecting the correct screen under the Screens tab.

Screenshot of Discord showing different screen share sources.

Step 4: After selecting your stream source, you will get a confirmation with additional options to select the resolution and frame rate. By default, you can only share 720p at 30fps. By subscribing to Discord Nitro, you can get higher resolution and frame rate options.

Screenshot of Discord showing screen share settings.

Step 5: After checking all the settings, hit the Go Live button on the pop-up window. A tiny screen share window should appear on the bottom right showing you a preview of what is being shared.

Step 6: To stop sharing your screen, select the Screen button that is highlighted in green. A menu should open with options to change screen share settings, change the window that you want to share, and lastly, the option to stop screen share. Select Stop Streaming to end your session.

How to screen share on Discord mobile

Discord also allows you to share the screen on your Android and iOS devices with other members on your channel.

Step 1: Open the Discord app on your smartphone and make sure you are logged in.

Step 2: Begin a voice call on a channel or with a friend on your list.

Step 3: Once you are in a call, you should be able to access the Screen Share icon by swiping up the hidden menu from the bottom. It is the same on Android and iOS.

Screenshot of Discord  mobile app showing screen sharing feature.

Step 4: Select the Screen Share icon. A prompt will appear to confirm the action along with a warning saying Discord will be able to see everything on your screen since you’ll be recording it. You’ll need to select Start Now to accept and proceed with screen sharing. For iOS users, there will be a second Start Broadcasting button.

Step 5: To stop sharing your screen, select Stop Streaming to end your session.

For more tips and tricks to use in Discord, check out our comprehensive Discord guide.

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