Gmail will soon offer email scheduling. Here’s how to use it

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As part of its celebration of Gmail’s fifteenth birthday, Google has announced a number of new features to be added to its flagship email service.

Among the planned changes, the most intriguing was the introduction of a new email scheduling feature.

That’s right: Gmail users can now look forward to being able to schedule emails without having to use a third-party add-on, as had been done in the past.

Published April 1 on the Google Cloud blog, Google’s announcement of the feature explained that the development of email scheduling in Gmail was part of an effort to “make it easier to respect everyone’s digital well-being,” referring to the common issue of work emails often being sent during non-work hours. The new Gmail email scheduling feature is an attempt to address this particular work-life balance issue.

It’s unclear when exactly Gmail users can expect to start being able to use the new scheduling feature, but its rollout is expected to be in line with Gmail’s birthday, so it should be fairly soon.

In the meantime, Google’s announcement also provided a quick demo of the scheduling feature. And so we can actually show you how to use the new scheduling feature in Gmail. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open a New Message draft in Gmail. Write your message.

Step 2: Once you’re ready to schedule your email to be sent, select the new downward-facing arrow icon, which is located on the blue Send button, but to the right of the word Send.

Step 3: An option labeled Schedule Send should appear. Select this option.

Step 4: A menu of preset dates and times should pop up. You can either choose one of these presets, or you can select the Pick Date & Time option to choose your own schedule.

Step 5: Once you’ve picked a date and time for your message, an on-screen notification from Gmail will pop up at the bottom of your screen to let you know that the message has been sent. This notification will also offer you the following options: View Message or Undo.

Step 6: That’s it! Your message should appear in your intended recipient’s inbox at the proper scheduled time.

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