Give your fingers a rest with TextExpander, the app you’ll wish you found sooner

Let’s talk about making life easier for yourself! Do you ever find yourself typing the same things over and over again? Your address, a response to a customer, directions to find your home or business, thank you responses, a long link you have to use often but can’t remember or just don’t want to type out. Specific wording that needs to go in reports? It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, I’m willing to bet you have links, phrases or even paragraphs that you use all the time. How awesome would it be to stop having to type it over and over?

That’s where apps like Text Expander come in. I love this app and use it daily. It’s a text expansion app that frees you from copying and pasting, or re-typing blocks of text that you repeatedly type. Here’s how it works. You write your long paragraph, and then you choose a shortcode to recall it. I send my biography out fairly frequently, so for that I chose the shortcode “BIO” in all caps. This software is caps sensitive so you can use that to your advantage. You can choose a word that makes sense to you, but that you don’t write in all caps in normal conversation.

Once that’s created, when you’re answering email or in a document… it works system wide, all you have to do is type BIO in all caps… and bam! It’s all there. What could have taken 30 minutes to find the text you used once or write it out again….now happens in a snap!

TextExpander is Mac only and costs $44.95. Totally worth it if you’ll use it a lot! And I love to support developers who work hard to make my life easier!

And don’t worry, I won’t leave you PC users out! Breevy is a popular option for Windows.

What kind of things do YOU type a lot? I’m curious now! Leave a comment below, and use the links above to share this video on your favorite social media site.

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