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How to watch Nvidia’s Computex 2021 keynote today

Nvidia will join some of the biggest names in the PC industry at Computex this year with its highly anticipated keynote later today. Like most recent conferences during the global pandemic, the weeklong Taipei-based Computex show will be a virtual event that will allow PC fans to follow some of the biggest trends, news, and announcements from their living rooms.

The keynote address is scheduled for tonight, the opening day of Computex. The keynote will be titled “The Transformational Power of Accelerated Computing, From Gaming to the Enterprise Data Center.” If you’re interested in following Nvidia’s news, we’ll show you how to watch live.

How to watch Nvidia’s Computex keynote

NVIDIA Executive Keynote | COMPUTEX 2021

Nvidia’s keynote is scheduled for 1 p.m. Taipei time on Tuesday, June 1. Gamers in the U.S. who wish to watch live will have to tune in at 10 p.m. PT on Monday, May 31. The company revealed in its press release that the keynote will be headlined by GeForce Senior Vice President Jeff Fisher, so it appears that CEO Jensen Huang won’t be making an appearance at Computex — at least not on stage.

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The keynote address will be broadcast live, and can be watched at the embedded video above.

Nvidia’s keynote will be broken up into two sections, Computex event organizers revealed. The first part will focus on Fisher’s presentation “on the massive opportunities that GeForce PC gaming represents,” suggesting that we’ll hear some big graphics news. The company has been expanding its GeForce RTX 3000 family of graphics cards in recent months.

The second part will be focused on the enterprise market, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. “Manuvir Das, head of enterprise computing at Nvidia, will then address ‘The Coming Democratization of A.I.,'” organizers said. “He will share three shifts driving this trend and explain how enterprises that embrace them can thrive in the coming years.”

Additionally, if you’re not able to tune in live, be sure to check back with Digital Trends, as we’ll have all the latest news and announcements from Nvidia and other PC industry leaders and partners through the duration of Computex.

Beyond the keynote, Nvidia will have other sessions at Computex to talk about A.I., the Omniverse, and transportation.

What to expect from Nvidia at Computex

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Given the company’s focus on GeForce and gaming for its keynote, we can likely expect Nvidia to expand its GeForce RTX 3000 family. Fisher’s presence at the Computex keynote could be promising for gamers hoping for new graphics cards from the company, given what we saw from the executive earlier this year at Nvidia’s virtual CES presentation. It was Fisher who unveiled the RTX 3060 at CES alongside mobile RTX 3000 cards for laptops.

While Nvidia focused more on the entry-level segment at CES, we expect the company to turn its attention to premium gaming at Computex. Recently, rumors have been swirling around Nvidia’s unannounced GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti cards, and those GPUs could likely make a debut on the Computex stage.

In addition to new GeForce RTX cards, Nvidia could also use its stage time to address the ongoing semiconductor shortage and its recent efforts to ensuring that its GPUs are accessible to gamers. The company, like rival AMD, has been under fire in recent months because cryptocurrency miners and scalpers have hoarded graphics cards, causing prices to soar to as much as three times the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on secondary markets. Nvidia has recently made efforts to try to curb the appeal of its GPUs by limiting their effectiveness with Ethereum mining.

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