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This HP desktop monitor is 67% off today

The 27-inch HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor on a white background.

If your computer setup needs a screen upgrade, you don’t want to miss HP’s 67% discount for the HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor. The 27-inch display is down to a very affordable $139 from its original price of $424, but we’re not sure for how long. If you want to pocket the savings of $285 when buying this monitor, there’s only one sure way of doing so — complete your purchase within the day, because tomorrow may already be too late.

Why you should buy the HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor

Our computer monitor buying guide recommends anywhere between 24 inches and 32 inches for most people, and the 27-inch screen of the HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor falls within that range. With Quad HD resolution, you’ll enjoy lifelike details whether you’re working on projects or watching streaming shows, and with HP’s Eye Ease technology that minimizes blue light without affecting color accuracy, your eyes will remain comfortable throughout the day.

The HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor features an integrated USB hub, and if you’re going to use your laptop with it, you have the option of charging it with a single USB-C cable. As a USB-C monitor, you can also turn it on at the same time as your laptop with the press of just one button. There are other ways to connect the display to your computer though, including DisplayPort and HDMI. The HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor isn’t as feature-packed as the best monitors, but it’s going to be more than enough for daily productivity and entertainment purposes.

There aren’t a lot of monitor deals that can match this 67% discount for the HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor, which reduces its price to an extremely cheap $139 from its sticker price of $424. Time may already be running out on the $285 in savings though, so there should be no hesitation on your part if you want to take advantage of this bargain. Grab the HP E27u G4 QHD USB-C monitor for less than half-price by pushing through with the transaction right now, to avoid the risk of missing out.

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HP’s 34-inch curved gaming monitor is down to $350 today
The HP Omen 34c gaming monitor with video game art on the screen.

You won't be able to maximize your gaming PC if you're still using an outdated display. You should upgrade your screen to something like the HP Omen 34c gaming monitor, which you can get from Best Buy at $130 off. Instead of its original price of $480, you'll only have to pay $350, but time may already be running out for you to take advantage of this offer. If you want the savings when buying this gaming monitor, you're going to have to proceed with the purchase immediately.

Why you should buy the HP Omen 34c gaming monitor
The HP Omen 34c gaming monitor features a 34-inch screen with QHD resolution that will let you appreciate the graphics of the best PC games, and a 165Hz refresh rate exceeds the recommended range by our computer monitor buying guide. The 1500R curvature of the gaming monitor's display fills your peripheral vision for complete immersion in the game that you're playing, while HP's Eye Ease technology reduces blue light emissions to keep your eyes comfortable even after you've been looking at the screen for several hours.

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This HP laptop deal cuts the price from $1,500 to $629
A HP 250 G9 laptop on a white background.

If you're looking for a good deal on a laptop that has surprisingly good features and workstation-like qualities, you may want to take a look at this offer from HP. An HP 250 G9 with nearly all specs on full blast comes to just $629 today, which is $964 down from the $1,593 that it would usually cost. Tap the button below to go check out the laptop for yourself or keep reading for our take.

Why you should buy the HP 250 G9
The HP 250 G9 is a 15.6 inch laptop with some customizable options. For today's deal, the HP 250 G9 is configured as such: It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and comes equipped with an Intel Iris Xe graphics card. To put these options into perspective, all of them are the highest the HP 250 G9 will take, with the exception of internal storage, which has a couple of options for 512GB storage as alternatives. Unless you're a gamer, we think this will be quite acceptable due to things like Google Drive or Dropbox for your cloud storage needs.

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Dell’s best-selling gaming laptop is $200 off today
Dell G15 (2023) sitting on a coffee table.

The Dell G15 gaming laptop is already an extremely popular device, but it will likely end up in the hands of more gamers because of Dell's $200 discount for the machine. From the original price of $900 for a configuration that features the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, it's down to an even more affordable $700. Gaming laptop deals like this almost always end sooner than expected because of the high demand though, so you need to complete your purchase for it immediately if you want to pocket the savings.

Why you should buy the Dell G15 gaming laptop
Featured in our roundup of the best gaming laptops as the best budget gaming laptop under $1,000, the Dell G15 won't have any trouble running the best PC games despite its affordable price. It pairs the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card with the 13th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM for decent performance that will be enough for most gamers. The Dell G15 may not be able to play the more demanding titles at their highest settings, but that's an acceptable trade-off considering the gaming laptop's relatively low cost.

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