HP planning to release fanless Haswell tablet sometime this year

hp 27xi logo macro

HP has some big plans for the tablet world, and it’s hoping to unveil a “world’s first” by the end of this year. According to Engadget, the company’s proposed project is a tablet or hybrid device that features an integrated Haswell processor. The big news here? HP is planning to cram all of this into a tablet that’s completely devoid of a cooling fan.

This would be a great success for HP – and tablets in general – if the company is able to actually pull it off. Without a cooling fan, the company has a monumental task ahead of it and will most likely need to create a complex heatsink in order to dissipate heat off the chip and keep the temperature low enough to operate without issue.

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the possibility of such a device actually coming to fruition, and some analysts are suggesting its creation wouldn’t be possible until Intel released it’s fifth-generation chipset, named Broadwell. However, an Intel spokesperson told Engadget that the product was actually on stage during Intel’s keynote at this year’s Computex event. The representative explained that attention was not drawn towards the tablet during the presentation, but that HP would host its own unveiling later this year. Stay tuned…!

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