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HP’s refreshed EliteBook, ZBook Firefly come with a new pandemic-ready feature

HP is refreshing its EliteBook and ZBook notebooks, bringing to creators some of the latest silicon and tech features, like Intel’s 11th-Gen processors, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and even always-on 4G LTE network access. Consumers and those working from home during this global pandemic will also be happy to know that in addition to the promised performance this refresh brings, HP is also making it easy to sanitize these laptops.

While the laptops down can be wiped down with common household wipes, you can also activate HP’s Easy Clean mode with a push of a button. This disables all the inputs on the device — like the touchscreen, keyboard, and trackpad — so you can wipe down the EliteBook and ZBook models without having to turn off your system, making these laptops perfect for mobile productivity during the global pandemic.

With an eye toward mobility and flexibility, HP is making the EliteBook 800 G8 Series in three screen sizes: 13.3-, 14-, and 15.6-inch displays, all with FHD resolution. The displays come with antiglare coating, and optional screen upgrades include touch capabilities, as well as a panel with up to 400 nits of brightness. These laptops are co-engineered with Intel to meet the standards of the company’s Evo Platform, which ensures that the laptops are lightweight, responsive, and have long battery life.

The laptops ship with up to an 11th-Gen Core processor, and the company promises that versions with Intel’s vPro processors will be ready for business adoption in January 2021. The laptops come with integrated Iris X graphics, and users who need more GPU performance can also add Nvidia’s GeForce MX450 discrete silicon to the configuration. HP Patch Assist will also be available to IT managers to help deploy critical upgrades and monitor the health and security of individual devices in a fleet.

In addition to standard laptops, HP is also making a convertible EliteBook with a 360-degree hinge. The HP EliteBook x360 830 G8 comes with a 13.3-inch display, and if you need to write or draw on the screen, you can also opt for the optional HP Rechargeable Active Pen G3.

A mobile workstation designed for creatives

If you need even more power, the HP ZBook Firefly G8 is designed as a workstation for creators. Weighing at just 2.98 pounds to start, the ZBook Flirefly comes in either 14- or 15-inch display configurations, and HP claims that the ZBook 14 is the “world’s lightest mobile workstation with a color-accurate display.”

The DreamColor screen on these laptops is validated to meet Pantone’s specifications for color accuracy, and HP says that despite being powerful systems, the notebooks are as light and thin as Apple’s competing MacBook Pro 13-inch. These displays support brighter whites and deeper blacks, the company said, with support for 100% of the wide DCI-P3 color space, as well as HDR content.

For creative workflows, the ZBook Firefly relies on a new Nvidia T500 discrete graphics processor, and HP claims that performance is triple that of the previous generation. You can also choose up to a quad-core Intel 11th-Gen Core i7 processor. HP also redesigned the keyboard with rubber domes for a more quiet typing experience, and an ambient light sensor will automatically adjust the keyboard backlighting.

Because these laptops are designed for mobile productivity, HP also partnered with Tile to help you find and locate your laptop in case it gets misplaced or lost.

All of HP’s business-oriented laptops will be available later this month. The company will announce pricing closer to their release.

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