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HTC changed the Vive’s bundled games, check out the new titles

HTC is shuffling the software that comes with its virtual reality headset, replacing two games.

The esoteric Job Simulator is gone, and so is Fantastic Contraption, Engadget is reporting. In their place is Call Of The Starseed: The Gallery, an immersive puzzle game inspired by 80’s fantasy movies, and Zombie Training Simulator, a shooting gallery with faux-cardboard zombies. Google’s Tilt Brush remains bundled with the Vive.

The Gallery, one of the first VR games designed by Cloudhead Games, looks like a fascinating addition. It makes great use of the motion controllers offered by the Vive, and features a soundtrack by Jeremy Soule of Elder Scrolls fame. The science fiction 3D adventure game comes in six episodes.

Zombie Training Simulator Trailer

And Zombie Training Simulator seems just plain fun, with a barrage of cardboard cutouts, that look ripped from Plants Versus Zombies, coming right at you. Shoot to kill!

We have to say, though: it’s a shame to see Fantastic Contraption go. This VR take on classics like The Incredible Machine is straight-forward, and also makes great use of VR. It had us leaning down to adjust pieces, and felt uniquely tangible in a way only VR can deliver.

And Job Simulator, while a little weird, is also a great little game. In theory it’s a point-and-click adventure game, but it’s also fun to fire this game up and attempt to set fire to a convenience store (there’s no way it’s just us who tried that).

Google’s Tilt Shift, which lets users draw in 3D, remains bundled with the Vive. This simple art tool is great for quick 3D sketches, and is well worth firing up to play around with. We’re glad to see it stay.

After spending $800 on a headset, let alone whatever you spent on the PC you plug it into, it’s nice to have even a little bit of software to play around with. It seems like HTC is committed to changing those games up now and then, which can only be a good thing as VR continues to evolve.

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