huey Designed to Help Calibrate Monitors

Color company Pantone today announced the availability of a new monitor calibration tool designed for use by digital photo enthusiasts and gamers looking to get the most color and clarity out of their monitor that they can. The huey is priced at $89 and available now.

The huey, according to Pantone, is designed in partnership with color management solutions firm GretagMacbeth. It is about the size of a small marker and is designed to calibrate a user’s monitor and adjust it based upon that person’s primary viewing activity, be it viewing photos or playing games. It has ambient measurement capabilities and can continually adjust the monitor as room lighting changes.

“The convergence of publishing, the Internet and entertainment has led to a generation of computer users whose primary media is the computer screen,” explains Doris Brown, vice president of marketing for Pantone. “This has big implications in terms of color. In printed media, color can be carefully controlled during the printing process to ensure the viewer sees the intended color. Different monitors, on the other hand, interpret color differently, leaving a big question mark in terms of color accuracy. With huey, wondering if your color is right is a thing of the past.”

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