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The SNES mouse lives again, with a few modern improvements

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Gaming accessory maker Hyperkin is bringing back a classic controller, and we’re not talking about the Xbox Duke this time. No, it’s the humble mouse, but not one designed for a PC. You may not know or remember it, but the Super Nintendo Entertainment System had a mouse, and Hyperkin is releasing a faithful reproduction in early July.

The SNES mouse was shipped out with Mario Paint, and offered an unprecedented level of control in an era that was dominated by D-Pads and triggerless gamepads. While mice of today are obviously far more advanced than the original design, getting one of those working with an original SNES would be nigh-on impossible. So you’re stuck with the classic models, or soon enough, Hyperkin’s contemporary remake.

Although it will be sold with the non-trademark-breaching name Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse, the SNES pointer will be a faithful recreation of the original, sporting the traditional retro color scheme and button layout.

One big change-up from the classic design, however, is that the roller ball from the original has been replaced by a more contemporary optical sensor (thanks TinyCartridge). That should bring with it a number of improvements, not least reliability, and a lack of a need to clean the ball out, as was common with mice of that era.

While this may raise questions about what sort of surfaces you can use the mouse on – optical sensors typically require a mouse mat – it’s likely that it will perform far better than a roller ball would have done on most surfaces.

Although Mario Paint was the flagship title for the original SNES mouse, that’s not all you can use it for. As NintendoLife points out, it was compatible with games like Eye of the Beholder, T2: The Arcade Game, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, among other greats. This new Hyperkin mouse will be much the same.

The Retro Style Mouse is currently available for pre-order on Amazon with a price tag of $20, with additional warranty protections available for three and four years. It will start shipping out on July 6, so buyers don’t have long to wait.

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