IBM Introduces 22-inch ThinkVision Monitor

From IBMs press release:

IBM today announced the release of the ThinkVision C220p monitor, a high performance Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) that delivers precise imaging and color clarity at about half the price of some comparable screen size flat-panel monitors.

With a viewable image size nearly equivalent (within 0.1 inches) to the 20.1-inch IBM ThinkVision L200p flat-panel, this 22-inch CRT offers more color and image purity when compared with some flat-panels. Designed with a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 for increased brightness and contrast, the C220p boasts a full-flat screen that reduces distortion at the edge of the display to create a more uniform image and reflect less light into the user’s eyes. With the use of an aperture grille, a display technology that beams a series of unbroken vertical stripes instead of dots, picture quality is maximized.

“With such high resolution, more information is viewable, data management is easier and less scrolling is required,” said Sam Dusi, Director of Marketing, Brand Offerings, Personal Computing Division. “The biggest difference you can tell between this monitor and a comparable flat panel is the money in your pocket.”

The ThinkVision performance line of monitors feature IBM ThinkVantage Design characteristics including a new on-screen display function that helps enable more intuitive monitor adjustments and new direct access to frequently used monitor functions. The C220p is designed for applications such as CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, image manipulation and digital content creation. Prices start at $589.