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Think your PC is packed with midi-chlorians? Think again.

For a long time now, case mods have been a way for PC gamers to get away from the beige boxes of yesteryear, but occasionally someone takes the next logical step and builds something that isn’t even close to a desktop system any more. Take for example this brilliantly designed Star Destroyer. It’s an amazing set piece and a powerful gaming system in one package.

Put together by custom PC builder Sander “Asphiax” van der Velden, the Venator Class Star Destroyer, named Yazi, is a truly impressive piece of kit.

As you might expect from such a build, it features a custom water cooling loop that has to weave its way through the design, but thankfully there’s plenty of underslung fans to make sure the relatively tight interior is well ventilated.

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Unfortunately, Asphiax didn’t get a chance to see that loop in action before shipping, as the sheer size, weight, and shape of it all wouldn’t be conducive to a safe trip with an intact water cooling system. Still, it’s an amazing build even before he sent it out.

He used a number of interesting techniques to build the whole thing, including 3D printing for the “greebles,” found on Star Wars Star Destroyers. As Extremetech explains, they were made from a number of model kits for the original movie props, but today Asphiax was able to use 3D printing to make the process far simpler.

The lighting wasn’t simple at all, though. All in, more than 50 meters of fiber optic cable were used to make the impressive light show that this PC offers.

Here’s hoping the new owner of the system enjoys their new centerpiece. If you want something similar, you can get in touch with the creators and have them do a custom job just for you.

What do you think of this monstrous mod? It’s an amazing project and a fantastic looking piece of kit, but we can’t help but feel the pull of more serene, understated systems these days.

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