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Intel’s latest graphics driver update is a win for home theater PCs

intel gives home theater enthusiasts gift h 265 vp9 hardware decode support shutterstock 196327829
Dragan Jovanovic/Shutterstock
Today Intel announced the release of two new driver sets that will bolster Haswell and Broadwell processors with the ability to play H.265 and Google’s VP9 video formats.

The update, numbered version, will “improve video playback through partial ardwareardware acceleration support” for VP9, as well as enable GPU decoding of the H.265 video.

Supposedly the newly refreshed code will help desktops and laptops play each video type without sucking up as much processor time, improving battery life and enabling smoother playback overall.

Other minor improvements include new image stabilization techniques in OpenCL and OpenGL that can utilize motion sensors inside laptops to create a more fluid viewing experience.

Processors capable of decoding the codecs after this patch include 4th and 5th-generation Core CPUs (HD, Iris, or Iris Pro graphics required in 4th-gen models), the Core M series (with Intel HD Graphics 5xxx), and, according to the company, “Select Pentium/Celeron Processors,” though Intel hasn’t released any details on what ‘select’ means just yet.

You can download the 64-bit version here, and the 32-bit version here.

Image Credit: Dragan Jovanovic/Shutterstock

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