Intel Pushes ‘Centrino 2’ Launch To 2005

According to eWeek:

“The issue concerns the “Alviso” chip set, part of the Sonoma platform, which comprises the currently-shipping Pentium M processor, code-name Dothan; the Alviso chip set; and its latest wireless module. Sources said Intel will book the Alviso for revenue this year, and push the bulk of its shipments until early 2005. Intel will also launch the platform in early 2005.

Intel began contacting its customers on Friday about the glitch, whose nature was not described. The “silicon did not meet Intel’s standards for quality,” one source said.”

Centrino 2 has not been the confirmed name of Intel’s new chipset, but promises to add SATA hard drive functionality, DDR2 memory capabilities and 24-bit 7.1 surround sound in corresponding Alviso chipset.

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