Intel Reveals First Entertainment PCs

The company also unveiled several of the first available Entertainment PCs.

Soaring sales of digital cameras, MP3 players, CD/DVD players, digital TVs, personal video recorders and a slew of other digital devices highlight the pervasiveness of digital entertainment. Consumers who want to enjoy this vast selection of digital content on their home TVs and stereos now have an easier way to do so due to a new category of PCs: the Entertainment PC.

The media “command center” of the digital home, Entertainment PCs are designed to sit on an entertainment rack and work with a television set with a remote control. The Entertainment PC combines the functionality of home audio and video devices with the power of a high-performance multimedia computer.

Easy to use, Entertainment PCs keep digital content in one convenient, central location, accessible via remote control or wireless keyboard. Entertainment PCs act as a combined CD/DVD player and recorder, FM stereo and music server, and personal video recorder. By adding a broadband connection, an Entertainment PC becomes an on-demand entertainment store, allowing users to download the latest movies, music, news and more.

“Entertainment PCs are an all-in-one digital film vault, music collection, photo gallery and game room,” said Crooke, Intel general manager of Desktop Marketing and Strategic Planning. “With an Entertainment PC, you can experience cinematic quality entertainment at home without ever leaving your favorite chair.”

Based on Intel Pentium 4 processors supporting Hyper-Threading Technology and the Intel 915 Express Chipset, high performance Entertainment PCs have the power to simultaneously perform demanding tasks, such as watching a DVD while recording a live TV program or playing an interactive game while downloading a movie in the background.

Now available from a number of manufacturers, Entertainment PCs are just one of the hot items for the holiday season. Other new products include the latest Intel Centrino mobile technology-based entertainment notebooks and Intel XScale processor-based portable media players.

Consumers can see these and other innovative products at the Intel exhibit at Digital Life (Booth #1536). Attendees can experience the digital lifestyle, viewing digital home movies and photos, checking out high-definition movies and experiencing wireless gaming on a large plasma screen. They can challenge others to a PC gaming face-off using the latest high-performance desktop and mobile PCs. Or they can scan the latest online surf report using the Intel Centrino mobile technology wireless surfboard.