Intel’s Remote Keyboard app for Android saves you from Bluetooth keyboard confusion

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Google Play Store/Intel

If you’ve been looking for a new way to control your PC from afar, Intel has you covered. The company’s new Android app Remote Keyboard is as simple as the name would lead you to believe. An on-screen keyboard and mouse allow you to control any PC right from your mobile device, according to Techspot.

The Android app is meant to be used with small form computers (such as the Intel Compute Stick) that don’t have their own keyboard or mouse. With Remote Keyboard, you can type and navigate around your PC once it’s connected to your TV. However, it isn’t just limited to items like the Compute Stick.

You can install Remote Keyboard’s companion software on any PC that has Windows 7 or later. It automatically detects your PC over a shared Wi-Fi connection, so you can immediately begin using the app.

To accommodate users, Remote Keyboard has a familiar on-screen QWERTY keyboard. There are also Control, Alt, Shift Delete and Windows buttons, and an empty space above the keyboard is a dedicated trackpad. On the right-hand side, there is a scroll bar for additional convenience.

At the moment, Remote Keyboard is only available for Android, and Intel hasn’t announced whether it will be available on other platforms in the near future. You can download it for free on the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for alternatives for your typing needs.

Small form computers, such as the Intel Compute Stick, allow consumers to transform monitors and TVs into functioning PCs with a stick-like device. This technology is a viable option for those who want a portable computer that can be plugged in almost anywhere when need be. Intel’s Compute Stick includes a quad-core Intel Atom processor, and buyers can select from Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu for their operating system.