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Intel’s upcoming ‘Devil’s Canyon’ CPUs are built with overclockers in mind

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Intel’s Pentium brand is turning 20 years old, and to celebrate the occasion, the chip maker reportedly plans to release a new set of high-end CPUs designed specifically to to cater to power users high on overclocking. The chips are set to hit the market this summer. 

Codenamed “Devil’s Canyon,” the new CPUs will be based on a fourth-generation Haswell Core chip. The exact core has not been announced, but according to Toms Hardware, the Devil’s Canyon will at least be powered by an i7-4790 chip, which is consistent with its high-end profile. On top of that, Intel has allegedly boosted thermal capabilities with the new CPUs that “are expected to enable significant enhancements to performance and overclocking capabilities.”

As we mentioned before, 2014 marks Intel’s 20th anniversary, and the company will also release a new 20th anniversary-edition Pentium processor, which is expect to ship later this year. Compatible with both series 8 and series 9 chipsets, the new Pentium will sport unlocked multipliers to “increase the core and memory frequencies independently from the rest of the system,” Intel says.

According to PC Pro, the extreme edition processors may come in eight and or sixteen-core variants. Intel says they expect to get the chips out later in the year. Intel’s upcoming Broadwell chips were also teased by the company, which will bring integrated Iris Pro programs to desktop PCs for the first time. Iris Pro GPUs are currently found in laptops, and are significantly more powerful than past integrated Intel graphics chips.

Image Credit: Intel via Tom’s Hardware

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