This iPad case lets you use it like a laptop and adds a full keyboard in as well

ipad case lets use like laptop adds full keyboard well dock

Last week we covered the CruxCase CruxEncore, which turns your iPad Air into a MacBook-like device complete with a full QWERTY keyboard and the ability to use your slate like a notebook. However, we just got wind of another case that aims to give the CruxEncore a run for its money.

Parle Innovations revealed the Pi Dock-It Pro, a protective case that essentially gives your iPad an additional form factor: laptop mode. On top of that, it serves as a protective case that’s constructed of polycarbonate, and outfits your iPad with a full, Chiclet-style QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is both rechargeable and features Bluetooth connectivity, though it’s currently unclear what method is used to charge the keyboard found in the Pi Dock-It Pro. 

Though the additional of a Bluetooth powered keyboard is potentially awesome, we wonder how much bulk the Pi Dock-It Pro would add to your iPad. Though we don’t have its weight and measurements available to us at this time, we’ll update this story accordingly if and when we get a hold of that information.

The Pi Dock-It Pro is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4, and retails for $159. It will be released on March 14.

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