Judge Throws Out Rambus Antitrust Case

Rambus today announced that the suit brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the company has been dismissed in its entirety in a ruling issued today by Judge Stephen J. McGuire, the FTC’s chief administrative law judge presiding over the case.

A 330-page initial decision explaining the ruling is expected to be issued to the public on Monday, February 23, 2004. Today’s ruling came after a three-month evidentiary hearing and is subject to potential further review by the full Commission and review by a United States Court of Appeal.

“Today’s ruling dismissing the FTC case is a fundamentally important step for Rambus as we seek to be fairly compensated for the use of our intellectual property,” said John Danforth, senior vice president and general counsel for Rambus. “The ruling adds to the powerful reasoning favoring Rambus that the Federal Circuit issued in January 2003. It is now time, we believe, for these issues to be set aside, and for Rambus patent claims to be resolved on their merits.”

The FTC brought anti-trust charges against Rambus in June 2002. A three-month hearing was held in the summer of 2003. For more information about today’s ruling and for a copy when it becomes available, see www.ftc.gov, docket 9302.