Kakai Introduces Kno, a Dual Screen Tablet

kakai introduces kno a dual screen tablet bits custom1Today at the D: All Things Digital show, the most recent competitor to the iPad was unveiled. The California based start-up Kakai showed of its entrant into the growing tablet market, the Kno today- a dual screen tablet that is geared for students. The tablet will offer full web-browsing, including Flash 10.1.

Kaki’s CEO, Osman Rashid told CNet that the tablet has the support of most of the major textbook manufacturers, and although an exact price was not mentioned, it would cost under $1000. Check below for the full interview.

The Kno will feature two batteries- one in each screen- to give an impressive eight hours of battery life, and the OS will be a customized system built off of Linux, but designed with touchscreen applications in mind.

Pre-orders will begin in October, and the Kno is set to ship in time for the holidays.

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