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Leaked shot of Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo tablet


This is a terrible photograph, but it could be the first shot of Nokia’s new MeeGo tablet. Courtesy of the Mobile-Review forum, the picture comes from the bug tracking section of the Website and shows what appears to be a 7-inch (maybe?) Nokia tablet running a media player. If you crank up the brightness, you can better make out the Nokia logo and we can tell that it has a glossy finish and tapered corners and definitely looks typical of Nokia designs….but that’s honestly all we know. We don’t even know the bug that was being reported.

Nokia is developing MeeGo in conjunction with Intel and should show it off soon, but we don’t know when, how, or where. It’s rumored that the cellphone maker’s next slate of big devices will run MeeGo, though rumors have surfaced pointing toward more Symbian devices and a possible collaboration Microsoft on some Windows Phone 7 devices.

Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, perhaps at the Mobile World Congress in mid-February? That seems as good a time as any, Nokia.

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