The Leef Bridge is a USB drive with both standard and Micro USB connectors

leef bridge usb drive standard micro connectors 3

Lots of people like multi-function tools, whether it’s a universal remote or a Swiss Army knife. There’s nothing wrong with single-purpose gear like a good ol’ screwdriver but, generally speaking, the more functionality that can be packed into a single device, the better. That’s assuming, of course, that the idea is executed well and isn’t botched.

Regardless of whether you use speedy USB 3.0 flash drives or dated USB 2.0 sticks, one thing is for certain: Your USB stick likely only sports a connector that conforms to the universal USB standard found on Macs and PCs alike. However, the Leef Bridge takes a different approach to USB storage.

The Leef Bridge, which is a Radioshack exclusive until March 31, features dual connector heads. One connector is the standard stick you’ll find on your run-of-the-mill thumb drive, while the other is none other than the micro USB connector that you’ll find on virtually any Android tablet or smartphone.

See that silver-part in the middle of the Leef Bridge pictured above? That’s the micro USB connector. The inclusion of a micro USB connector on the Leef Bridge means that you can use this thumb drive to easily transfer stuff between your PC or Mac and your smartphone and/or tablet – as long as you’re rocking mobile gear that sports micro USB connectors, that is.

You can snag a 32GB Leef Bridge from Radioshack right now, which will run you $34.99. The Leef Bridge also ships in two other varieties. You can grab a 16GB version for $19.99, or super size to a 64GB model for $59.99.

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