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This Lenovo gaming laptop deal cuts $700 off the price

The Legion 5 Gen 7 on its start screen.

When we think about gaming we usually think of a console or a big boxy desktop. But there are so many decent gaming laptop deals these days, that gaming laptops are worth a second look. Plus, word on the street is AAA gaming in 2023 isn’t going to be going to some groundbreaking place where you’ll benefit from constant PC upgrades anyhow. That’s why we’re looking at the Legion 5 Gen 7 gaming laptop without another pause. It’s a laptop that’s usually $2,200, but is now $1,500 (that’s $700 off) and is absolutely what you need to get you through the next leg of your gaming journey.

Why you should buy the Legion 5 Gen 7

The Legion 5 Gen 7 is a laptop that can take the weight of the any of the top titles. While its 16 GB memory, AMD Ryzen 7 processor, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU are sure to wow you and make things fast, those specs aren’t enough to cut it in today’s competitive market. And that’s especially true for gamers who, as our laptop buying guide will remind you, must constantly keep up with computing progress. What makes the Legion 5 Gen 7 special as a laptop, at least in the hardware department, is its terabyte of storage and access to the lightning fast Wi-Fi 6 protocol. While these don’t necessarily seem special to those not in the know, you’ll find that today’s laptops don’t focus too intently on storage — most people use cloud software for their pictures, videos and documents — but gamers need their files stored locally to play efficiently. With the Wi-Fi 6 you can also get lightning fast download speeds without moving rooms to plug in an ethernet cable. The Legion 5 Gen 7 provides wins everywhere!

When you look at the body of the Legion 5 Gen 7 you’ll see more evidence that gamers are going to love it in its keyboard alone. The trackpad is just left of center, an uncommon layout for laptops, with the up-down-left-right direction pad just to the right. Additionally, the numpad is fully intact and the whole thing has that cool RGB glimmer that we all know and love. At 720p, the screen isn’t going to be the same as what you’ll get from these top gaming monitor deals, but will feel suitable with the LED backlit 15.6-inch screen of the Legion 5 Gen 7.

If you’re ready to get a gaming laptop that will last for years, now is your chance to pick up the Legion 5 Gen 7. For now, it is only $1,500, which is $700 off of the usual $2,200 price. If it lasts you over three years, that’s less than $45 a month for gaming greatness.

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