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Experience the bizarre reality of ‘Legion’ at Comic-Con’s Hololens demo

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Fans of FX’s Legion TV series will get a feel of what it is like to not be able to trust reality itself at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where a mixed reality experience will be available to demo using Microsoft’s Hololens headset. The idea is to put fans in the shoes of protagonist David Haller, where they can play out various scenes from the first season of the show, as well as giving them a sneak peek at season 2, RoadtoVR reports.

Over the past few years, as virtual and augmented reality platforms and software have blossomed into the growing industries that they are today, media properties have leveraged various technologies to augment shows and movies at various public events. Game of Thrones famously took fans atop the Wall in early versions of the Oculus Rift and now the Hololens is going to give Legion fans a better look at the mind of its main character.

It could be a perfect fit too, considering Haller’s grasp on reality is not exactly stable but leveraging augmented reality to show off the protagonist — and by extension, the player’s — powers to affect the real world, should also be a lot of fun.

The experience is being produced by Here Be Dragons, previously known for producing VR experiences for Mr. Robot, Ghost in the Shell, and a number of unaffiliated projects. It will let fans experience the world shown on the FX show, as well as give them a look at what they can expect in its second season — though for now, producers are remaining tight-lipped about how much they will actually see.

If you would like to try it yourself, you need to have access to the San Diego Comic-Con which takes place between July 20 and 23, though the experience won’t be located on the main show floor. You will find it at the companion FXHibition 2017, which will run alongside it at the Hilton Bayfront hotel.

You will need to make an advanced reservation, too, so make sure you get in there early if you want a chance to experience what it is like to step into the shoes of a supremely powerful mutant.

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