Lenovo 2010 Roadmap Shows X201 Tablet, W701 and More


Lenovo’s roadmap was leaked this morning, detailing the company’s 2010 lineup of laptops and devices. The roadmap slide included several previously-unseen models like the X201 tablet and X201/X201s ultraportables, the W701 performance workstation, and the L400 and L500 mainstream notebooks. This slide doesn’t give us any real details—mostly just mini silhouetted icons of laptops and tablets—but just knowing they’re coming out this year is good enough for us.

The Inquirer points out that the L400 and L500 are entirely new additions because there’s no mention of updates to Lenovo’s current R series mainstream notebooks—so these new laptops may be supporting a whole new framework and base.

As for the rest: the X201 is most likely an upgrade of the X200 Lenovo, and the W701 performance workstation was actually leaked last November.  Engadget snagged some specs from this FCC leak last year, claiming the W701 sported a 2GHz Intel CPU, 320GB Fujitsu HDD, and a Samsung-made 17-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display.

Hopefully more details will unravel as the month progresses.

Image provided by Engadget.