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Lenovo details new desktop and laptops with AMD seventh-generation Pro APUs

lenovo amd pro apu radeon rx480 press 9
AMD officially unveiled the first wave of Lenovo computers to use its seventh-generation Pro APUs. These components have been designed with the business user in mind, offering benefits like enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

Among the first Lenovo systems to use an AMD Pro APU is the ThinkCentre M715 Tiny, a desktop that packs a punch despite its small stature. This particular system is apparently 94 percent smaller than a traditional desktop tower, which could potentially be a very attractive feature for certain enterprise customers. Several different mounting options allow these computers to be placed just about anywhere; affixed under a desk, to a wall, or even on the back of a monitor.

AMD’s 35W seventh-generation Pro processors were designed for this kind of small form factor system, meaning that the M715 Tiny can deliver strong, efficient performance.

Lenovo is also fielding two new laptops that feature AMD’s APUs. Both the ThinkPad E475 and E575 both boast AMD Radeon R5 M430 graphics, as well as enterprise-oriented features like enhanced VOIP support and high-quality microphones to help facilitate videoconferencing.

The E475 and E575 are built for users who are on the move, measuring less than one inch thick and weighing as light as 4.1 pounds.

“These latest AMD Pro based-systems from Lenovo are optimized for business and deliver increased computing and graphics performance, at levels that meet the highest of customer expectations,” said Jim Anderson, senior vice president of AMD’s computing and graphics group. “We are thrilled to partner with Lenovo to bring this technology to companies and enterprises around the world.”

The M715 Tiny will be available on October 31. The ThinkPad E475 and E575 will be available on November 7.

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