Report claims Lenovo might release a Chromebook in 2013

lenovo chromebook thinkpad

You might not have taken a Chromebook out for a spin yet, but the Google-powered laptops are reportedly doing so well in the education sector that corporate America wants a model of its own. According to The Street’s Anton Wahlman, a Chromebook especially made for the corporate sector might well be on its way. However, it won’t be made by the Chromebook’s previous OEMs, Samsung or Acer. Instead, rumor has it that it’ll be designed and manufactured by Lenovo. 

Wahlman says schools and educational institutions that have opted to adopt Chromebooks for teachers and students have saved a lot of money since the devices don’t need extensive maintenance. Windows computers have apparently been costing companies hundreds to thousands of dollars per unit in maintenance, software installations, and upgrades – costs that can potentially be crossed off of companies’ expense lists if their employees use Chromebooks. 

Instead of quickly making the switch by getting any of Samsung’s or Acer’s Chromebooks, companies have requested Lenovo release its own. The ThinkPad has been a staple for years in many offices around the country, and businesses trust the quality of Lenovo’s products. While Lenovo has yet to confirm whether it will actually release a Chromebook for the corporate sector, Wahlman says the company might make the announcement in May. Specs and pricing will be similar to those of previously released models.

Corporations are allegedly only looking to replace 10 percent to 20 percent of their Windows computers with Chromebooks, but Wahlman believes those numbers are enough to strongly affect Microsoft, which is aggressively trying to get more people to use Windows 8