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So the PC is dying, eh? Tell that to Lenovo

Lenovo Flex 20 front

The PC is dying. The PC is dead. Long live the PC. Right? Wrong – just ask Lenovo.

The laptop, desktop, and mobile device manufacturer reported that its desktop PC shipments grew. They might not have grown by much (1 percent) during the three month period ending in September, but any growth in a market that has done nothing but slow down considerably in the past several years is impressive. The industry overall decreased by 6 percent, though Lenovo’s desktop marketshare rose to 16.5 percent, gaining 1.3 percent.

Lenovo’s laptop business also got a significant boost. The Chinese gadget maker stated that consolidated laptop sales rose a full 8 percent to $5 billion. Lenovo reached these marks despite the fact that the market declined 12 percent overall.

Overall, Lenovo’s second quarter PC shipments grew to 14.1 million, the firm reported. Lenovo also indicated that it reached its highest quarterly market share ever, hitting 17.7 percent, an increase of 2 percent year-over-year.

“We are optimistic about the industry’s outlook,” said Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing in a statement. “Benefiting from corporate refresh and China market improvement, the PC market is recovering, and tablet growth continues shifting to mainstream and entry-level segments, as well as emerging markets.”

 Perhaps the PC isn’t dead after all. Consider this: most of the “PC is dead” stories are probably written on PCs. Including this one.

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