Lenovo L Series ThinkPads Could be Greenest Laptops in the World

It wasn’t long ago that “thinking green” was little more than a catch phrase. It was a vow by companies that they would consider their global impact and analyze their carbon footprint without any real goals or specifics. It was lip service and good PR, but little more. Fast forward a few years, and thinking green has become a buzzword for a new industry of  green friendly products. With the new L Series, Lenovo hopes that its new series of ThinkPads will distinguish themselves from other notebooks as the greenest laptop on the market.lenovo l series thinkpads could be greenest laptops in the world

Purporting to feature 18 percent post consumer content (PCC), the L Series laptops will be shipped in 100 percent recyclable boxes. The green machines meet Energy Star 5.0 standards and are rated EPEAT Gold in the U.S. for their eco-friendly attributes. The displays will be entirely free of Arsenic and Mercury, and a Green Power Manager will help with the power consumption. Each new L Series ThinkPad made saves the equivalent of ten water bottles.

The series is being marketed towards large enterprise businesses, government and education customers, as well as customers that are interested in making their electronics as green as possible.

The technical specs put the ThinkPad near the top of the notebook food chain. Intel i3 and i5 processors offer Turbo Boost, the units comes with 3/4G connectivity options, up to 8GBs of memory and an 8 hour battery life are standard on the models.  The L Series also offer a 100 percent LED-backlight display.

Despite the typical solid specs that we expect from a ThinkPad, the models will live or die on whether the green factor can truly sway consumers into not just going green, but buying green. If it proves to be a sustainable model that attracts users, Lenovo may have opened a door to a new eco-based market. After all, it worked wonders for Toyota with the Prius.

Prices will start around $648 and the L Series will ship in May.