Lenovo and Razer join forces to create new generation of desktops

At CES 2014, Razer had PC gamers drooling at its conceptual, modular chassis design, but that never came to market. The company has only committed to gaming laptops. Now, though, Razer has announced a partnership with one of the world’s biggest hardware sellers, Lenovo, in a move that should tell everyone that the PC desktop is far from dead.

Although still considered a prototype, the new desktop system will officially launch at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, and the two companies plan to co-brand it and co-market it.

“We are thrilled to partner with Razer and bring out the best from both companies to deliver a better, more immersive gaming experience for customers,” said Victor Rios, VP and GM of workstation BU, gaming and industry solutions at Lenovo.

Razer echoed those statements, talking up the excitement of working with such a recognised and high-profile brand.

Information on what the desktop system will be like is pretty thin, with no confirmed specifications or options as of yet. However, in the images provided we can deduce that it’s a Lenovo Ideacentre chassis, with that classic tilted front that it likes so much. Internally, we can make out a pair of Nvidia GTX Graphics cards, and a rear exhaust fan.

There also looks to be some front-mounted, free-standing storage cages for drives, and there’s an interesting multi-colored underglow to the whole system, which we would put money on being controlled by Razer’s Chroma lighting system.

While we will need to wait until CES to find out more about this new system, Razer and Lenovo also announced a partnership in the notebook game, with Razer now set to offer its branded versions of of the Y series of laptops. Presumably they will feature some more gaming styling, and perhaps some upgraded hardware.