Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and T430u Ultrabook hands-on pictures

At its 20th anniversary bash last night, Lenovo showed off two new Ultrabooks: the X1 Carbon and the T430u. We spent a bit of time with both Ultrabooks. While the X1 is clearly aimed at those who want the thinnest possible laptop (it holds the world record), it’s not the fastest and lagged behind our fingers while typing. Though it’s not as sexy and its screen can’t open up so wide that it could be used as a serving tray, the ThinkPad T430u appears to be a better machine. When it comes to price, the T430u clocks in at $780 and the X1 costs $1300. Both tablets run Windows 7 and will be available in August. Be sure to check out our full ThinkPad Tablet 2 impressions as well.