Lenovo announces space-saving IdeaCentre Q190 desktop and 7 new C-series AIOs

lenovos new ideacentre q190 is a bite sized desktop pc lenovo c540

Today Lenovo unveiled several new computers that offer small, space-saving designs at reasonable prices. The company focused on the potential for family use of the new models, noting that all the desktops combine power with entertainment.

The first new release is the IdeaCentre Q190 desktop. It’s less than an inch thick – 0.86 inches to be exact – and 7.55 inches tall. Lenovo is billing the Q190 as “the world’s smallest full-function desktop PC.” Despite the tiny size, the Q190 packs a punch in terms of power and multimedia features. It improves on the Q180 model’s processing performance by up to 80 percent. If you want the greatest specs, you can equip the computer with a second-generation Intel Core i3 processor and the Windows 8 Pro OS. For home theater enthusiasts, the desktop also has full HD graphics, can handle up to 7.1 surround sound via HDMI, and play Blu-ray discs via an optional add-on drive. 

Along with the Q190, Lenovo also announced new releases to its IdeaCentre C-series all-in-one suite of desktops. This line offers reasonably priced options for home computing and home entertainment without a bulky machine. The new models joining the market are the 18.5-inch C240 and C245, the 20-inch C340 and C345, the 21.5-inch C440 and C445, and the 23-inch C540. The C240 and C245 are the most basic versions, but the others have helpful features including adjustable screen displays and automatic brightness adjustment. For processors, the C340, C440, and C540 can be upgraded to Intel Core i3, while the C345 and C445 can be upgraded to an AMD E2 dual-core processor. 

The C240 and C245 are due to hit stores this month, and the rest of the models are scheduled to become available in January. Lenovo also released the expected price tags for the new products. The Q190 will run you about $349, as will the C240 and C245. The other C-series models start at $479 and range up to $549 for the C540. It’s an interesting move only putting the two simple AIOs on the market before the big holiday shopping season, but perhaps Lenovo is expecting to see more demand for mobile devices, like the IdeaPad Yoga 13 or the IdeaPad Tab A2109  as gifts.