LG announces world’s first 21:9 FreeSync monitor, and more

lg shows 219 ultra wide monitor line at ces 2015 um67

No company has put more effort into popularizing the 21:9 aspect ratio than LG. It first started to push the idea over a year ago and recently bolstered it with the LG 34UC97, a top-notch professional QHD display. Now three more impressive entries are joining the family.

The 34UC87M is the professional. While it looks similar to other 21:9 monitors in the LG lineup it has a more subdued exterior design and a mounting mechanism that allows the use of up to four monitors in a rectangular arrangement. When arranged in this way the 34″ displays provide almost six feet of horizontal display space and about two feet of vertical space.

After a hard day of work you can go home to the 34UM67, LG’s gaming monitor. It’s the same size as the professional display but includes a feature highly beneficial to gamers; AMD FreeSync support. This adaptive display refresh technology improves gameplay by eliminating unwanted stutters and screen tearing. LG is the first to announce it in a 21:9 monitor.


It also has a feature called Black Stabilizer that “illuminates dark scenes” to reveal hidden details. LG thinks this could give players a competitive edge by ensuring opponents can’t ambush from the shadows.

Last, but far from least, is the 31MU97. This ultra-wide 31-incher is slightly smaller than its brethren but boasts a pixel count of 4,096 by x 2,160. That’s “true” 4K, and slightly better than the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution most competitors offer. It can also render up to 99.5 percent of the AdobeRGB color gamut, giving the display truly incredible color depth and accuracy.

All of these displays will be shown alongside the previously released 34UC97 at CES 2015. Pricing and availability for the just announced monitors have not been revealed; the 34UC97 is currently available for $1,299.