These desktop PC cases double as an actual desk

Lian Li has a bit of a penchant for making desktop chassis that are a little different from your average ones. While they use brushed aluminium to make most of them, they range from wall-mountable, open air systems, to those with front-mounted PSUs and even ones that can fit more than one system inside.

But what about one that can double as the very desk most PCs rest on?

Lian Li has made a couple of cases similar to that of the new DK-Q2 and DK-03 chassis before, but nothing quite like these. They’re full-size desks, with a built-in compartment for putting your components in, as well as a big tempered glass surface so you can see everything in action beneath you while you type and game away.

While previous iterations of Lian Li’s ‘desk-top’ cases had received some criticism concerning the potential sturdiness (or lack thereof) of their legs, this new generation of work-surface chassis features some much robust-looking corner posts, each of which is height-adjustable by a full 30mm.

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Whilst aesthetically appealing to those who like their PC builds minimalist, Lian Li is also claiming that both the DK-Q2 and DK-03 are excellent for system builders, since they clear out a lot of the extraneous details used in traditional cases and make everything easy to access. The thinner body may bring the overall weight down too, so that maneuvering the understandably bulky chassis may be a bit easier.

For those who want to see what it might be like to sit behind one of these unique PC builds, you can do so at the upcoming Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan between June 2 and June 6. Other products set to be showcased by Lian Li include the new PC-08 dual compartment chassis, as well as a few other updated and new offerings from the company throughout the mini, micro, and full tower range.