Lindows Gets Creative In Battle With MS

From the press release:

The “Lin—s” (Lindash) program was launched today to make the leading desktop Linux available in those countries where the Microsoft Corporation has blocked availability. Lin—s makes the affordable and robust operating system available to Dutch citizens through the website at http://www.lin— and from participating resellers.

“Dutch citizens deserve the same choices that are currently available to the citizens of more than one hundred countries around the world,” said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of “Lindash ensures that the Netherlands will have affordable, virus-free options instead of just expensive Microsoft software.”

Lin—s is a program that provides the leading desktop Linux operating system to the citizens of the Netherlands, who would otherwise be unable to attain the software. The http://www.lin— website enables Dutch citizens to purchase the easy-to-use, powerful software online for instant digital download. The website also offers listings of resellers in the Netherlands who are offering the software in stores and pre-loaded onto powerful, affordable computer systems. Lin—s allows the consumers in the Netherlands to take advantage of the cost-savings of the software that has enabled builders in the United States to offer $199 PCs and $799 laptops.

“Im glad I can get back to the business of selling one of Mensys’ most popular products,” said Menso de Jong, reseller of Lin—s products and owner of Mensys ( “Our customers demand choice and we are pleased to be in a position to offer them choice once again.”

Lin—s will support the resellers in the Netherlands who carry the desktop Linux products in their stores. The Dutch resellers have steadfastly continued to offer their customers the cost-savings and powerful capabilities of desktop Linux, and have remained committed to preserving choice in the markets of the Netherlands. Lin—s provides an alternate method for resellers to deliver the software, and the http://www.lin— website will connect consumers and resellers by listing all locations that are offering the operating system on store shelves. Lin—s will ensure that resellers are able to continue making the leading desktop Linux products available to everyone.