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Logitech's MK850 Performance is the full-size keyboard and mouse combo for all your devices

Logitech DuoLink exclusive feature available through Logitech Options software
Even with the growing intelligence of voice input and the cool factor of virtual reality, the old-school keyboard and mouse remain the dominant PC input accessories. And while gaming gear sometimes gets the most attention, solid productivity options remain a goal for anyone who needs to get work done efficiently and comfortably.

Logitech gets that. It offers a full line of keyboards and mice aimed at getting things done, and has now unveiled some new options. The MK850 Performance combo offers a new full-featured keyboard and contoured mouse that works on multiple platforms.

The combo’s cross-platform chops come by way of a mix of Logitech’s Unifying USB receiver and Bluetooth support. Both the keyboard and mouse can be paired with up to three different host devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and keyboard functionality is automatically mapped for the host operating system. This makes the MK850 Performance combo one of the first full-size options that offer such solid cross-platform support.

Next up in terms of functionality is DuoLink, which allows the keyboard and mouse to work more closely together. Specifically, holding down a function key on the keyboard changes the mouse buttons and gestures. For example, holding the function key while swiping down on the mouse opens the Windows 10 Start menu, while swiping left and right switches between active applications.

The keyboard has “carefully crafted concave keys” that Logitech promises should offer enhanced comfort, and the mouse offers”hyper-fast” scrolling. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries that last up to 36 months before they need replacing, and the mouse uses a single AA battery that should last for 24 months.

The Logitech MK850 Performance combo is available today for $100. If you’ve been looking for a full-size keyboard and mouse bundle that can support all of your various PCs and gadgets, then this might just be the option you’ve been looking for.

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