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Logitech’s wireless G502 Lightspeed is faster than wired gaming mice

Logitech has cut the cord on one of its bestselling gaming mice. The new Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the wireless version of the Logitech G502 Hero, a wired mouse that has been a beloved choice for many gamers. By shedding the cord on the Lightspeed design, Logitech made some big updates to make the untethered experience even better than the corded version. Logitech went as far as calling the Lightspeed “faster than wired.”

Logitech claims it examined every facet of the G502 Lightspeed, from the design to the circuitry to optimize the wireless connection to deliver low-latency performance. In the company’s testing, the response time of the G502 Lightspeed is much faster than competing wired and wireless mice. Because of this tuning, you need to rely on the dedicated internal receiver to benefit from the Logitech’s performance enhancements — no Bluetooth here.

“From every circuit pathway to every bend in antenna geometry, from hardware to firmware, we simulate and test each protocol and algorithm for maximum performance even in the most arduous and data-saturated gaming environments,” Logitech claimed.

Though both the wireless Lightspeed and wired Hero share the same aggressive gaming-forward design with 11 programmable buttons, the options to add weights to control how fast you can move the mouse pad, and a comfortable ergonomic design, the wireless version costs $80 more than the $69 wired version at $149. With the premium price, you are getting some advancements, including better tracking and wireless charging capabilities.

Making a wireless PowerPlay

In terms of battery life, the Lightspeed is rated for up to 50 hours of battery life with the LightSync LEDs turned off and up to 48 hours when you turn on customizable RGB lighting. A quick five-minute recharge with the bundled braided USB charging cable will give you 2.5 hours of gameplay, according to Logitech, and the mouse can also wirelessly recharge on Logitech’s PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pad. If you do have the $99 wireless charging pad, you will be able to replenish the internal Lightspeed battery even while you’re actively using the mouse. If you don’t want to invest in the peripheral, however, the USB cable can also convert the G502 Lightspeed into a wired mouse when you deplete your battery.

The Lightspeed comes with a new Hero 16K sensor, which is capable of more than 400 IPS across the 100-16,000 DPI range with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration, Logitech asserts, making for smooth, accurate tracking and a responsive gaming experience. But unlike the older Hero 16K chips, the new sensor on the Lightspeed is 10 times more efficient, which will lead to better battery life and performance.

Pro gamers who want more control of the Lightspeed can also add weights to the mouse. The Lightspeed comes with four 3g weights and two 4g weights. If Logitech’s performance claims hold up, the Lightspeed may be a trusted tool for gamers. Pre-orders start now and the mouse will ship in the coming weeks.

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