Logitech io gets software upgrade

With Version 2.0 of the pen software, people can easily edit, search, organize, export and email handwritten notes that are captured digitally with the io pen.  They can also convert their handwritten notes into standard digital text, supported by most applications, using MyScript Notes® software from Vision Objects, available for a free 30-day trial, in conjunction with the new release of Logitech’s software.
The act of transforming what has been written on the page into digital content has proven to be a valuable tool that enables people to review, search and store notes on the computer.  A recent survey on note-taking, sponsored by Logitech, found that while 92 percent of note-takers are most comfortable with pen and paper, the majority of their important information at work is in an electronic format, residing on their PC.

“Using Pen and paper is the most universal method for taking notes or filling out forms, and we are taking the next step by converting what’s written into digital content,” said Chris Bull, general manager for digital writing at Logitech.  “Digital Writing is an exciting new category with ever-increasing applications for professionals and students who depend on pen and paper on a daily basis. With the new software and paper offerings for the Logitech io Digital Pen, we are providing a natural and seamless experience for creating notes with pen and paper and then working with this information on a personal computer.”

With Version 2.0 of the io software, people can search for any word within the document files where their handwritten notes are stored. They can also edit these document files – changing the color or width of their handwritten script, or cutting and pasting portions of the script into another document.  In addition, improved navigation makes it easy to:

Save a digitally written document as a Microsoft® Tablet PC Journal, Microsoft® OneNote