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Logitech’s new MX keyboard brings mechanical switches to the masses

Logitech has announced the MX Master 3S mouse and two wireless MX Mechanical keyboards. The mouse is the update to the uberpopular MX Master 3, while the MX Mechanical keyboards are totally new products that promise to leverage Logitech’s expertise in gaming keyboards.

The MX Mechanical keyboard comes in a full size and a compact 75% variant known as the MX Mechanical Mini. Both look to combine the strengths of mechanical keyboards with the productivity-focused features of the company’s MX Keys membrane keyboard.

MX Mechanical keyboard from bottom left corner.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Mechanical keyboards have been a growing trend over the past few years, evolving beyond their roots in PC gaming and DIY keyboard modding cultures. But their arrival in Logitech’s MX line of peripherals feels like a watershed moment for the trend.

“There is a growing community of software developers who fell in love with mechanical keyboards when they started playing games, and now they want the same feeling of precision and control with their professional desktop keyboard,” said Tolya Polyanker, head of creativity and productivity for the MX Series at Logitech. “MX Mechanical combines the best of both — Logitech’s gaming keyboard expertise with MX Master Series signature experiences.”

Both the MX Mechanical and Mechanical Mini feature 19mm low-profile “Tactile Quiet (brown)” switches that Logitech says make them the company’s quietest mechanical keyboard ever. However, for those who prefer clicky (blue) or linear (red) switches, those will be offered in select markets.

Other features include Smart Illumination that automatically lights up the keyboard if it senses hands approaching and Dual Color Keycaps to make it easier to see keys in the peripheral. You can also customize the lighting effects between six different settings — static, breathing, contrast, wave, random, and reaction.

Logitech claims the MX Mechanical can last up to 15 days on a single charge or up to 10 months if you keep the backlight turned off. Like the MX Master 3S, the MX Mechanical keyboards are also made from PCR plastic (45% for the full-size, 47% for the Mini).

The MX Master 3S, on the other hand, retains the same overall design as the MX Master 3, which is among the best wireless mice you can buy. but adds a few new features to help it stand out. First is the “Quiet Click” that Logitech says makes 90% less noise than the MX Master 3. The MX Master 3S also features an 8K sensor that gives it a maximum sensitivity of 8,000 dots per square inch (DPI). That’s twice as sensitive as the MX Master 3, though the DPI isn’t adjustable.

MX Master 3S mouse being used on desk.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Environmentally, the MX Master 3 is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic (27% for the graphite model and 22% for the gray). Other features are the same as the Master 3, such as Logi Bolt, which allows connectivity to up to three different devices.

Pricing for the MX Master 3S is $99, same as the MX Master 3. The MX Mechanical will go for $170 while the Mini will go for $150. All three devices will be available this month.

Given Logitech’s past success with its productivity-focused MX Master series, the MX Master 3S will likely continue that trend of producing the best mice. The MX Mechanical series will also likely please many who prefer the feel of a mechanical keyboard.

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