Logitech Updates io 2 Digital Pen

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Logitech last week unveiled a new version of their io 2 Digital Pen. This newest version, which reportedly has improved handwriting recognition, will become available in May for $149.99.

The new Logitech io 2 Digital Pen, said Logitech, besides the improved handwriting recognition, also offers a new written shortcut for more efficiently transforming notes into a Microsoft Word document. The original premise behind this pen line is a technology called ioTags, which allows users to use written shortcuts to send portions of their handwritten notes directly into their e-mail or calendar applications. When the pen is docked, selected notes appear as both handwritten notes and automatically converted text within a split-screen interface. Users can click a single button to have that text inserted into the selected application, or they can first edit the text as they compare it on-screen with the handwritten notes.

Logitech also updated the software which comes with the io 2 Digital Pen, allowing users to personalize and add words to the dictionary used by the handwriting recognition software to convert notes to text.