Logitech’s Speaker Lapdesk N550 accommodates netbooks, small laptops

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Logitech has just announced the release of the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550, similar to its N700 model, but created for customers with compact laptops or netbooks that measure 14.1 inches or smaller. The Lapdesk aims to deliver comfort as well as premium audio quality through its two speakers.

“The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 solves the two complaints people most often report about their laptops and netbooks – poor audio quality and laptop heat,” said Denis Pavillard, vice president of product marketing for laptop accessories.

The lapdesk has two stereo speakers that are placed to work on either side of the laptop, giving users much better sound performance than basic laptop speakers. With more and more studies popping up about the health risks of having a hot computer on your lap for long periods of time, the N550’s four-layer heat-shielding design is a key feature. The lapdesk uses air-mesh fabric for comfortable viewing or working wherever you like to kick back.

The N550 has an angled base for optimal viewing and even boasts built-in foldable bumpers to keep your laptop from sliding off. All you have to do to make use of the speakers is plug in a single USB cable. The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 addresses two important laptop complaints and should make working on your own or watching video with friends that much more enjoyable.

The handy laptop accessory will be available sometime this month for a suggested retail price of $59.99.