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M3 MacBook Air may launch in second half of 2023

It appears that Apple is gearing up to release the anticipated M3 chip, which is slated to power updated laptop models.

According to a plausible-sounding leak from @appleakation, the M3 could come to an updated MacBook Air sometime during the second half of 2023.

M3 coming second half of 2023

— Bob (@appleakation) December 9, 2022

There is not that much known about Apple’s upcoming M3 chip, its launch, or its corresponding devices. This leak, however, expects Apple will use the component to focus on designing new products with thin form factors.

The brand might be looking to recycle the same basic chassis, but might expand the MacBook Air into a series for 2023 with a 15.5-inch display model as well as smaller versions, according to Wccftech.

The M3 devices set to release in 2023 are expected to be based on the 3nm process developed by TSMC, which is similar to the A17 Bionic chip that will ultimately be seen in the upcoming iPhone 15. TSMC chairman Mark Liu said its new 3nm process can provide up to a 35% improvement in power efficiency and can add a similar amount of battery life to the M3 chip as a device would get from the A17 Bionic chip, the publication added.

The second half of 2023 time frame gives Apple a long time to introduce any new chips for new laptops. The brand notably launches a host of computer products throughout the year, and the leaker expects there will be M2 Pro and M2 Max chips and their corresponding devices, possibly MacBook Pros. The M2 notably launched as a component for the MacBook Air in June 2022 but has since been deployed to other Apple computers.

This might mean a more prominent M3 launch, which could take place in the fourth quarter of 2023, and more specifically in October. While the launch of the iPhone 15 and the A17 Bionic is not confirmed, Apple is known to release its smartphones in the September timeframe, which would make sense in the overall stacking of the launches. The iPhone 14 was announced on September 7, 2022, for example.

It should be noted that the tweet is not a confirmation or an official release window, and this tweet doesn’t have as reliable a reputation as other more well-known sources. However, it does line up with previous reporting on the topic.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman began talking about the M3 chip in June 2022, detailing that the component might be paired with future iMacs, in addition to other Apple products. He also noted that he expects to see a 15.2-inch MacBook Air launch in 2023.

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